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Repairs & Alterations

Hemming is our speciality!




At Port Stephens Dry Cleaners we are committed to providing a personalised experience tailored to you and your specific needs! Our specialists are committed to offering you the highest standards of customer service, coupled with the highest quality workmanship. All at very reasonable prices.

Hemming is our specialty

  • Original Hems or New York Hems: We can shorten your favourite jeans whilst still maintaining the original worn look to the hem.
  • Military or Slant Hems: The ideal hem for the currently highly fashionable, narrow tapered trouser leg. Reduces the bunched up effect on the front that occurs with this style of pants, whilst still being sufficiently long enough at the back.
  • False Hems or Lengthening: Yes there is hope for all you luscious long-legged people out there that struggle with trying to find pants that fit. It is possible to lengthen most trousers, with the exception of jeans.

We can hem almost anything: dresses, skirts, shirts, t.shirts, formal wear, even curtains.
Additional services we provide include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Zipper replacement or repair: jackets, dresses, trousers
  • Sleeve shortening: suit coats, jackets shirts
  • Take in or let out: trousers, dresses
  • Replace pockets: trousers, jackets
  • Patch, darn, replace elastic
  • Other minor repairs and alterations

Unsure? Just ask! Call us on (02) 4919 1175 or send an email