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Linen Service

Eco friendly cleaning – that doesn’t cost the Earth

Bed Linen

It’s a wonderful feeling to jump into bed after a busy day and indulge in the feeling of freshly laundered bed linen. Our senses are enveloped in those crisp, fresh sheets. Port Stephens Dry Cleaners offers you this indulgent luxury.

We launder sheets and doona covers, which are individually inspected and washed, paying attention to any specific stain removal requirements. Our industrial washers and dryers give a thorough yet gentle clean and dry, using high quality soaps and fabric softeners. Laundry is then professionally pressed and packed ready for next time you change your bed.


Have your tablecloths and napkins professionally laundered by us, nurtured back to as near to new as we can get them.

Commercial cleans: Holiday Accommodation

We offer a level of service that is preferred by owners of prestige properties that chose to provide high end linen to their guests. Individual care means our laundry is not mass processed as is the case in big commercial laundries. We use the best quality soaps which come from Germany, to give optimal results without the need for bleaching. Fabric softener is added to the towels, offering a more luxurious feel and lovely fresh scent for your guests’ indulgence.