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DryCleaning & Wet Cleaning

Eco friendly cleaning – that doesn’t cost the Earth

We not only have many years experience in dry cleaning, but have a real and honest passion for what we do. We always strive to achieve the absolute best possible results, in the shortest possible time whilst offering the best possible service.

We now have two options for cleaning all of your precious garments:

Dry Cleaning

The traditional method for processing all of your dry cleaning needs, however our new dry cleaning machine is more eco friendly, is gentler on your clothes and they smell so much better.

Wet Cleaning

What is Wet Cleaning?

Quite simply, Professional Wet Cleaning is the process of using water and specialized equipment and detergents to clean most “dry clean only” garments.

What’s the Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning?

Generally, the term “Dry Cleaning” refers to the process of cleaning clothes using a liquid solvent. While still a liquid, the term “Dry” in dry cleaning referred to the fact that there was no water being used. This is because traditionally, water could not be used on certain fabrics, like wools and silks.

Professional Wet Cleaning has changed all that. Over the last decade or so, as we started to become aware of the hazards of using PERC and other petro-chemicals, companies began looking for newer, more environmentally friendly solutions. Specialized equipment has been developed to aid in the finishing of wet-cleaned garments, and special softeners and additives have been created specifically for the wet-cleaning process. It is now totally safe to clean virtually any garment using the Wet Cleaning process!

Is it Safe for the Environment?

Totally. In fact, Wet Cleaning is widely recognized by the EPA as one of the most environmentally friendly options available today

Is it Safe to Clean Everything This Way?

Wet Cleaning is great in a lot of situations, but not as great in others. This is exactly why we have chosen two options, rather than one. In certain situations, our trained staff may decide that Wet Cleaning is a better choice to deal with a particular stain. In other situations, we may decide that Dry Cleaning is a better solution. But in either case, your clothes will come back cleaner, brighter, and softer than ever before, and with no ‘dry cleaning’ smell

Deluxe Cleaning

Deluxe Cleaning is a cleaning process we use on certain garments to preserve their fabric, shape, colours and integrity.

It is a must when it comes to certain items (see below) and is recommended if you have any garments that are delicate, expensive to purchase or are treasured items.

Deluxe items are cleaned on a short cycle and at a low temperature. They are hand finished and are treated with the care that they deserve. Due to the special care taken and the additional work required, they are charged at a higher rate.

We will always Deluxe Clean items that require it.

We also suggest that if you have delicate/special garments that you would like us to Deluxe Clean that you advise us with a note in your dry cleaning bag or at the counter.

We always deluxe dry clean garments that:

  • we determine are made out of very delicate fabric eg. Silk Chiffon, Delicate Evening Dresses;
  • are have suede/leather trims, beads/sequins, large difficult stains, ink, coffee, wine, blood;
  • have a care label displaying a P symbol which is circled and underlined. The underlined P symbol is placed on the care label by the manufacturer to instruct the dry cleaner that the item must be delicately cleaned.